Braided Hook Link

Super Fast Sink

Ultra Strong

Flaccid has been designed to sink faster and conceal itself more effectively than any hook link so far. Due to its ultra high density and extreme flexibility it naturally pins itself to the lake bed and maintains maximum invisibility at all times.

Ultra strong and with excellent knot strength Flaccid is so supple and naturally heavy that there is no need for any putty or other systems for pinning down.

The unique Teflon® / Kevlar® fibres used in the construction of Flaccid make it extremely abrasion resistant.

This is a superb specialist product and provides a completely new dimension in rig design.

Colours: Mud/Silt

Range: 18.0 / 25lb

Spool Size: 10m

18.0 8.2 ✗ ✔ ✗
25.0 11.4 ✗ ✔ ✗

✔ = Available  |  ✗ = Not Available

Incredibly supple, Ultima Flaccid sinks super fast and is more than twice as heavy as fluorocarbon. Flaccid follows every contour of the lake bed keeping it completely disguised. The unique Teflon®/Kevlar® fibre combination makes it extremely abrasion resistant. There is no need for any putty or other systems for pinning down. This is a superb specialist product.

“Stays totally nailed to the lake bed; it’s awesome stuff.”