Coated Hook Link

High Strength

Non Split

Fugitive is the innovative coated hooklink material that has been designed with an easily removable split resistant coating over an extra supple Phantom super braid core.

Cleverly designed, the coating on Fugitive is transparent making the line appear thinner and less obtrusive to fish than solid coloured equivalents, and allows the camouflage colouring of the core braid to show for maximum concealment.

This remarkable product can be easily steamed straight or formed into any shape required.

Fugitive is extremely reliable and versatile and ideal for a wide variety of rig designs and advanced presentation methods.

Colour: Weed

Range: 20.0 / 30.0lb

Spool Size: 10m

20.0 9.1 ✔ ✗ ✗
30.0 13.6 ✔ ✗ ✗

✔ = Available  |  ✗ = Not Available

Fugitive is a remarkable coated hook link that has been designed to allow the construction of a wide variety of combination rigs. A supple, finely woven Phantom core is covered with a easily removable coating that will steam super stiff if required. The unique Fugitive coatings are clear with a matt finish, making them look thinner and less obtrusive than solid coloured alternatives. Fugitive doesn't split and is very versatile and perfect for a wide variety of rig designs and presentation methods. A very cleverly designed product.

“The perfect combination of stiff coating with a super supple Phantom core.”