Braided Hook Link

Natural Presentation

Ultra Strong

Phantom is Ultima's ultra strong braided hook link that has been designed with a medium slow sinking nature to present baits in the most natural way possible.

Finely woven and ultra supple Phantom conceals itself at the bottom of your swim out of sight and out of the way of cruising fish.

Phantom will often produce better results than coated hook links on pressured waters by delivering a more natural and unusual presentation to wary educated fish.

A brilliantly versatile hook link suitable for many situations.

Colour: Weed

Range: 18.0 / 25.0lb

Spool Size: 20m

18.0 8.2 ✔ ✗ ✗
25.0 11.4 ✔ ✗ ✗
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Ultima Phantom is a finely woven braid that has been carefully designed to be strong, reliable and to perform in the most natural way possible. Its super-softness presents baits perfectly, and the medium slow sinking nature allows it to work with your rig in any way you want. Phantom rests on the lake bed for maximum concealment and is the perfect hook link for solid bag work. Phantom is a supremely versatile hook link.

“The most natural presentation you could ever wish for.”