Fluorocarbon Coated

Neutrally Buoyant

High Strength

Zignature is a specialised zig and floater line designed with neutral buoyancy to remain exactly where you place it so you can fish consistently at the depth of your choice.

Fluorocarbon coated for low visibility and durability, Zignature provides the delicate presentation you need for successful Zig and Floater fishing.

Using the highest quality material, Zignature is produced in small carefully controlled batches to ensure consistency and reliability.

Super strong with excellent knot strength and exceptional abrasion resistance, Ultima Zignature is the finest zig line yet devised.

Colours: Clear

Range: 8.0 / 10.0 / 12.0 / 15.0lb

Spool Size: 100m

8.0 3.6 0.28 ✔
10.0 4.6 0.30 ✔
12.0 5.5 0.32 ✔
15.0 6.8 0.35 ✔

✔ = Available  |  ✗ = Not Available

Zignature has been specifically designed as an ultra low visibility line designed for targeting carp in the upper levels of lakes when zig or floater fishing. Fluorocarbon coated to reduce visibility to a minimum, Zignature is extremely strong, has neutral buoyancy, excellent knot strength and exceptional abrasion resistance. Due to its neutral buoyancy, it will allow you to fish at the depth of your choice.

“A translucent line with minimal stretch. Perfect.”