Pure Fluorocarbon



Proteus® is a specialist pure fluorocarbon primarily designed for leaders and snoods with a stiffer and super tough nature.

Effectively invisible when submerged due to its light refraction index being almost identical to that of water, bite and catch rates generally always improve significantly compared to when using normal mono.

The stiffer nature of Proteus® enables advanced rig design and specialist presentation.

Proteus® is favoured particularly amongst lure and saltwater anglers, both from shore and boat who are likely to encounter tough conditions over rocks, shingle or when wrecking.

Colour: Crystal Clear

Range: 6.0lb to 25lb

Spool Sizes: 50m Spools and Bangles

6.0 2.7 0.25 ✔
8.0 3.6 0.28 ✔
10.0 4.5 0.30 ✔
15.0 6.8 0.35 ✔
20.0 9.1 0.40 ✔
25.0 11.3 0.45 ✔

✔ = Available  |  ✗ = Not Available

Proteus was developed by Ultima’s team of world class internationals specifically for anglers who want that edge in clear waters and testing conditions. Proteus is 100% pure fluorocarbon and therefore not only sinks twice as quickly as normal mono but is also effectively invisible in water. Proteus has been designed with a medium/high stiffness for precision presentation in hard conditions when every bite is critical. With its very high knot strength and superb abrasion resistance, Proteus is the perfect fluorocarbon for saltwater and lure anglers. A very remarkable product.

“That Ultima can make fluorocarbon this supple is just remarkable.”