Super Strong

Extra Soft

Hi Vis

Red Ice® is Ultima’s hugely successful hi-vis saltwater line for all types of sea fishing.

Very strong, very soft, and extremely user friendly, Red Ice® will deliver in the toughest circumstances, time after time.

Having been meticulously engineered to cope with the rigours of rough unpredictable ground, the high quality copolymers used in the production of Red Ice® ensure that it remains completely reliable in any conditions.

The first line to be produced in a true fluorescent red, Red Ice® has great visibility in any conditions day or night.

A brilliant high visibility all-round beach and boat line.

Colour: Fluorescent Red

Range: 10lb to 35lb

Spool Sizes: 4oz

10.0 4.6 0.30 ✔
12.0 5.5 0.32 ✔
15.0 6.8 0.35 ✔
18.0 8.2 0.38 ✔
20.0 9.1 0.40 ✔
25.0 11.3 0.45 ✔
30.0 13.6 0.50 ✔
35.0 15.9 0.55 ✔

✔ = Available  |  ✗ = Not Available

Red Ice® has been specifically designed to cope with the rigours of rough, unpredictable ground. Using the latest high tech co-polymers Red Ice® is not only very strong but extremely robust and reliable in even the most demanding conditions. For such a tough line Red Ice® is soft and supple making it perfect for casting over any sort of ground. Produced in a high visibility florescent red, Red Ice® is easy to see both by day and night. This is Ultima’s most popular product and is used by anglers in all disciplines who appreciate its versatility and like its high visibility. With a superb track record, it continues to be the favourite of thousands of anglers around the world.

“A great all round mainline.”