Ultima F1®

High Performance
Unmatched Pedigree
Total Reliability

Ultima F1 is the World’s most successful surfcasting line for more than twenty five years.

Trusted by top competition anglers across the globe being used to win of more World and International Championships than any other line.

Ultima F1 is super strong, a dream to cast, highly abrasion resistant and completely reliable.

It is this perfect combination of key characteristics that have made Ultima F1 legendary in competition.

Ultima F1 has stood the test of time at the highest level and has proved that its performance and reliability are without equal.

Colours: Black, Fluo Yellow, Titanium

Range: 12.0 to 30.0lbs

Spool Sizes: 600m, 4oz Spool, 500gr Spool

“Ultima F1 has been essential to my success in the last few years. You can’t get a more reliable high performance line”
Chris Read
Penn Final Winner 2015 & 2016 with F1 and Power Steel

“Ultima F1 is the outstanding all round beach line, with an unequalled competition record on the international scene. Ultima F1 has great strength, superb abrasion resistance and is very user friendly.
Steve Allmark – World Champion 2004

“F1 Black is super smooth casting and perfect for use where abrasion maybe a problem. F1 Titanium is my number one choice for clean beaches.”
Peter Corker – World Silver Medallist

“F1 is the best beach line there is and has proved itself at World Championship level in every situation time after time. It casts like a dream”
Joe Arch – World Champion – Former CIPS World No1

“The best line you can buy. It’s a line you can use anywhere, on soft sand, mud, shingle or rocks.”
George Smith

“F1 can’t be beaten for all round performance. Its performance has stood the test of time and it has become legendary in te beach fishing world”
Dave Lane

“A long standing favourite of mine and the Scotland Teams, F1 has proved totally consistent and reliable line over many years. Its strength and abrasion resistance, coupled with its casting capabilities set it apart from other lines.”
David Neil – Scotland International

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