Pure Fluorocarbon
Perfect Presentation


Ultima Proteus is a specialist 100% pure fluorocarbon primarily designed for hook lengths and leaders.

Invisible when submerged due to its light refraction index being almost identical to that of water, bite and catch rates generally always improve significantly compared to when using a normal mono.

Ultima Proteus pure fluorocarbon maintains 100% of its strength and knot strength no matter how long it is submerged in water.

The nature of Proteus fluorocarbon is extremely abrasion resistant making it the preferred choice when fishing finer diameters over rough ground and enables advanced rig design and specialist presentation.

Ultima Proteus is the choice of many International Teams for top level competition, including at the recent world championships in Sicily, when fine snoods are required.

Colours: Crystal

Range: 6.0 to 30.0lbs

Spool Sizes: 50m Spool

“The best presenting fluorocarbon rig material available and totally invisible when in use. Proteus has certainly improved the bite rate for me in clear conditions”
Pete Corker – Team Wales

“Proteus is a really good fluorocarbon, impressed with the presentation it provides and the wide range of diameters on offer. Can also double up as a rig body when looking for more finesse.”
Billy Buckley – Scotland International

“I use Proteus for many reasons but mainly for the way it stands off the rig body and also because it’s extremely hard wearing. It can also be used as a rig body for very light work combined with Proteus for the snoods.”
Chris Horn – Team Scotland

“Proteus has really changed my mind on fluorocarbon after problems with other brands tangling and snapping easily. I have been very impressed with its knot strength and amazing abrasion resistance over harder ground where other fluorocarbons fail.”
Adam Scholes – Team Scotland

“Proteus is a really fabulous fluorocarbon – not sure how Ultima have managed to make it this supple and easy to knot but also so amazingly abarasion resistant!!!”
Brian Maxwell – Team Scotland

“Best fluorocarbon on the market in my opinion, presents perfectly knots well and highly abrasion resistant. Far outperforms much more expensive fluorocarbons.”
David Neil – Scotland International  

“Proteus has really changed my mind on fluorocarbon – I previously only use it when fishing on the lighter side but have been impressed with the higher diameters presenting it as an option on clipped rigs and flappers to be fished at range.”
Iain Graham – Scotland International

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