Ultima Braids are made using either Pure Dyneema® fibre or Dyneema® in combination with other materials to give certain special characteristics. Dyneema® offers significant advantages over other materials in certain types of angling situations. For example, lines made with Dyneema® are less than half the diameter of nylon monofilament lines of similar strength and the Dyneema® fibre provides an ideal combination of exceptional strength, light weight, sensitivity, suppleness and reliability.


The perfect cast is one that is precise and fast. Due to the exceptional strength, smooth finish and ultra thin diameter of braided lines made with Dyneema® fibre casting becomes more accurate and greater distance can be achieved. The braid glides off the reel, through the guides and slices through the air with little resistance and the low memory and smooth suppleness of the line reduces kinking and eliminates spool memory. Another advantage of the relatively low diameter, compared to monofilament lines of the same strength, more line can be loaded onto the reel, further increasing the reach of the angler.

Stretch & Sensitivity

Ultima Power Braid® provides amazing sensitivity. Braided lines have very little stretch, usually between 3 and 5% and this makes for very good bite detection and hooking even at distance when the Dyneema® fibre will communicate the slightest touch or movement. This can be an advantage across many techniques for the novice and even the most experienced angler. In addition to heightened sensitivity the Dyneema® fibre also allows for greater control of the action of the lure or bait, allowing it to be more precisely controlled. Whatever lies beneath the surface becomes more evident. Combine the two features and the result is the ability to react precisely and quickly as soon as the fish takes or strikes at the bait, creating an instant and powerful hookset.


Ultima Braids are tough and resilient. The lines are highly resistant to abrasion, tearing and biting due to the properties of the fibre itself. In addition, Power Braid® is highly resistant to the harmful effects of the sun and salt water meaning that Ultima Braids will retain a significantly higher percentage of their original strength over a long period. Dyneema® fibre is so strong that braid can be a reliable alternative for applications typically using steel lines such as leader lines for predator fish.