Step 1:

Take your line and double it back on itself to give you around a six inch double length.

Step 2:

Pass the doubled length through the eye of the swivel.

Step 3:

Form a loop and pass the end back through the loop.

Step 4:

Pass the end loop over the top of the Hook or swivel.

Step 5:

Gently draw down the tag end and mainline to form the knot an moisten as you do so.

Step 6:

Ensure the knot is firmly drawn down tight and then trim off the tag end.

This knot is one of the best known and most useful knots in a carp angler’s armoury and will work equally effectively with braided lines as it does with mono. It is easy to tie and can be used for attaching all kind of terminal tackle. When tied correctly this knot should achieve close to 100% knot strength. Make sure that once you have passed the hook or swivel through the loop that all parts of the knot are drawn down neatly together.


  • Attaching eyed hooks
  • Attaching swivels
  • Attaching spinners
  • Attaching lures and plugs
  • Attaching all kind of terminal tackle

Line Types

Braid or Mono