Step 1:

Align main line and leader.

Step 2:

Pass the thicker leader around the main line between one and three times.

Step 3:

Lubricate and draw slowly to close the knot. Do not tighten too much at this stage.

Step 4:

Take the tag end of the running line and wind it five time around the shockleader and then out through its own loop.

Step 5:

Lubricate and slowly draw down this part of the knot. Do not tighten too much at this stage.

Step 6:

Lubricate and draw the knot together by pulling on both the Shockleader and the mainline down slowly to bring both parts together as a small neat tapered knot.

The Shockleader Knot also known as the Shore Leader Knot is used to join a thinner casting line to a much thicker leader line. It makes a neat tapered knot that will cast smoothly and will be unlikely to snag on anything and will cast easily through the rod guides if tied properly The use of a shock leader is essential to minimize break-offs while casting. Break- offs usually result in severe backlash on casting style reels. Break-offs are also dangerous to bystanders. A rule of thumb is to use at least 0.10mm of Nylon for every 1 oz of lead being cast. So if you are using a 6oz lead you should use a diameter of 0.60mm or more. It is also advisable to use a high quality shockleader like Ultima Powerflex to ensure you are safe.


  • Joining lines of unequal diameters
  • Joining leaders to mainlines

Line Types