This rig is ideal for clear waters where you want a rig that will not spook pressurised carp.


This rig is tied with Hyperlink Pro 12 inch length. Start with an inch loop and place the loop through the back of the hook by pressing the end of the loop flat. Take the loop over the hook and slide down to the eye. The loop will now be locked against the eye. At the loop knot open up the braid to show a tiny piece of fluorocarbon and cut it so that it is flexible by the knot. Take an oval ring and put it on the hook and add a Tear Drop bead pushed round to the bend of the hook. You need to steam the hook end of the rig to create a semi-circle which is done using the solar cone. Place over the kettle and leave for a few seconds so that this part goes stiff. Remember the steam is very hot so do this with caution. Once this has been done steam all the rig so it straightens out. Add a split shot so the curve pops up with the boilie. When tying the boilie on the hook make sure you tie it to the bend of the oval rig ring. The boilie will then sit in the correct position once in the water.


Make sure you use an oval ring on the hook not a round rig ring as this will prove less effective.


Hyperlink Pro 12"
Tear Drop Bead
Oval Rig Ring
Split Shot
Bait Floss