This rig is great for when you want to adjust the hair so you can fish one or two boilies on either a short or long hair.


This rig is tied to Entity but it can also be used with Hyperlink Pro. Cut 12 inches off and tie an oval ring with a five turn grinner knot. Make sure the knot is very tight on the oval ring. Use a boilie needle if necessary to give it a tighter pull. Cut off the tag end. You will need 3/4 of an inch of 0.75 mm silicone tubing which you should slide down a Splicing Needle very carefully. Then thread the tubing down the rig and slide the silicone tubing over the eye of the hook. Take your time so you do not split the tubing. Finally, slide it down the shank of the hook to the required part making sure the link is at the back of the hook. The rig is now complete. You can choose any type of hook for this rig.


Be careful when casting if you have a long hooklink.


Entity or Hyperlink Pro 12"
Oval Ring
Twister Hook
¾" Silicon Tube 0.75ml