This is a great rig for winter carping when fish are not really moving around. Once it has been taken by the carp they are nailed.


Remove 12 inches of Kama Sutra. Tie an Overhand Loop Knot and put a bottom bait on with a boilie stop. Take a Twister hook which has an in-turned eye and cut off two mm of silicone tubing and thread this on to the Kama Sutra. Put the silicone tubing on the hook and move it round to the bend near the end of the shank. The boilie needs to sit just off the bend and the silicone on the bend just off of the shank. Thread the Kama Sutra through the eye at the back of the hook then wrap around the shank three times. Pull through the FRONT of the eye. Pull tight making sure the line stays at the back of the hook. Slide on 1/2 inch of shrink tubing over the eye of the hook. At the other end put a ring swivel and tie a loop. Shrink the tubing on the edge of the hook at the same angle as the eye and then steam the whole rig for perfect presentation.


This rig must be fished with a short hair to make this a superb hooking rig.


Kama Sutra
Twister hook
Small piece of silicon
Shrink tubing
Ring Swivel