This is a pop up rig that sits just above the lake bed. The rig moves around the bottom, hence the name. This rig is very effective in most situations.


Cut 12 inches of Hyperlink Pro and poke out 3 inches of the inner fluorocarbon and cut this off. Be careful not to slide the outer braid off the other end. Take a Rig Ring and tie this to the supple part of the Hyperlink Pro using a four turn Grinner Knot using a bait needle to get it really tight. Take a Uni hook and feed the Hyperlink Pro through the back of the hook and pull so that the ring is close to the back of the eye. Go around the knot four times and on the other side of the ring go around three times. Take the hook link BACK through the eye and pull tight. Super glue the knot near the eye but be careful not to glue the supple part of the Hyperlink Pro. The rig ring should sit parallel on the back of the shank. Tie a loop with a ring swivel to complete the rig and steam straight. Place the split shot on the link where the fluorocarbon inner ends. Tie on the pop up boilie and the rig is ready to use.


Hyperlink Pro
Round Rig Ring 2mm
Uni Hook
Ring Swivel
Bait Floss
Split Shot
Super Glue