A complete new rig to try which is excellent to use with PVA bags.


Take 12 inches of Entity, tie it to a Twister hook with a five turn Grinner Knot. Pull it tight and cut the tag end. It is important to do this before the next stage. Take Kama Sutra for tying a long D Rig on the hook, feed the Kama Sutra through the back of the hook as if you were tying a knotless hair. Go around the shank fifteen times and then put on two rig rings and put the tag end back through the back of the eye. Cut the Kama Sutra tag ends close to the hook and then use a lighter to fuse them together. This will create a Blob Knot to hold the shrink tube in place. Slide 3/4 of an inch of shrink tube down the Entity, over the blob and the eye of the hook. Steam the shrink tube with the aid of a pair of pliers to create an aggressive curve. Secure a pop up on the top ring and the bottom bait on the bottom ring. The rig will then sink very slowly in the water. To complete the rig place a small piece of rig putty by the shrink tube.


Be careful when steaming not to burn your fingers, always use a pair of pliers to hold the hook.


Twister Hook
Kama Sutra
2 x Rig Rings
¾" Shrink Tube