A rig that will catch when the going gets tough and is great for snaggy areas or margins.


Cut a 12 inch piece of Entity and tie it to a Micro Link Swivel. Tie to the actual eye of the swivel using a five turn Grinner Knot. Cut the tag end off. Take three inches of 0.75mm Silicone tubing and give it a stretch. Blow a little bit of wet down it. Thread the tubing onto a splicing needle; this can be a bit tricky. Once on the splicing needle, thread the Entity through the silicone tubing and put the silicone over the eye of the swivel. You will have around nine inches of Entity through the three inch tubing. Tie on another Micro Ring Swivel which again is tied using a five turn Grinner Knot. You can now push the silicone onto the other eye of the swivel and this will create the boom. You now need to tie a rig of your choice to the swivel ring. Choddy set ups work well as shown on the video clip.


Make sure when threading on the tubing that you do not go through half way and split the tubing.


0.75 Silicon Tubing 3"
2 x Micro Ring Swivel
Kama Sutra
Choddy Type Hook