This rig is very similar to the Boom Rig, and often fished in difficult carp waters.


You will need 10 inches of Anvil from which you need to remove the whole length of the inner lead core which will leave an easily splicable material. Splice on a Micro Ring Swivel. One end needs to be fed through the eye of the swivel which can be a bit fiddly. At the other end splice using a normal ring swivel but put the Anvil through the ring. This is the end where you would put the lead clip. You will now have nine inches of Anvil with the two swivels. Where you spliced the ring on take some pole elastic size 3 and take it up to the other end near to the other swivel, so that the pole elastic is threaded through the Anvil. Tie the elastic with three simple Granny Knots around the Anvil. Pull the elastic at the other end so the Anvil constricts and then do the same with three Granny Knots, as before. Now you have an elasticated rig. Any rigs can be tied to the Micro Eye Swivel making this great for lakes like Rainbow in France.


When casting, secure the hair to the hook with PVA tape or string. This rig is really beneficial when used with stringers or a PVA stocking bag.


Anvil 10"
Micro Rig Ring Swivel
Ring Swivel
Number 3 Pole Elastic