The Hinged Stiff Rig is a good alternative to the Chod rig and a great rig for catching carp. It is currently not used very often as the Chod rig is considered to be more fashionable.


For this rig you need to use Kama Sutra. Cut of the line to the required amount and tie with a knotless knot onto the a Choddy type hook . Attach a rig ring onto the tag end and complete with a tiny D rig and cut the tag. Blob the tags so it does not pull out of the eye. You will fish this between 1 and 2 inches in length. Tie an overhand knot onto the other end and put on a small ring swivel. Make sure you take the swivel through the eye and then take the tag end through the overhand knot. After this, wrap the Kama Sutra around twice and then finally back through the overhand knot. Pull tight so you have a tiny loop. Basically you will now have a Chod rig. The next step is to tie another piece of Kama Sutra to the Micro Swivel Ring with a three turn grinner. Slowly moisten the knot before you pull it tight. At the other end tie a ring swivel. Finally steam the boom part straight and curve the Chod part of the rig. Tie a pop up on and there you have a completed Hinged Stiff Rig.


Remember do take care whilst steaming as fingers can get burnt.


Kama Sutra
Rig Ring
Micro Ring Swivel
Ring Swivel
Bait Floss
Rig Putty