The Withy Pool Rig is ideal for clear waters when you want a rig that will outwit those big carp.


This rig is tied with Entity, begin by cutting off 12 inches in length. For ultimate performance the rig needs to be completed at seven inches. Tie the Entity to a Uni hook with a five turn Grinner Knot. Slide an inch of shrink tube down to the eye of the hook and attach an oval ring. You will then need to add a float stop to the edge of the bend near the shank and secure with super glue. Steam the shrink tube to the required curve using a pair of pliers. Tie a swivel to the other end of the rig and place a split shot on the rig near the shrink tube so it is critically balanced. Finally, tie a pop up to the oval ring making sure the knot is on the bend. Again this rig is not effective with normal round rig rings so ensure you use an oval version.


Shrink Tube 1"
Oval Rig Ring
Rubber Float Stop
Uni Hook
Split Shot