This is a rig that you can use anywhere. It is easily tied, making it ideal if you need to get bait out quickly.


Take 14 inches of Entity and tie a simple Overhand knot to keep the boilie in place. Cut the tag end. For this particular rig you will need a Choddy type hook and you will need to straighten the eye slightly. Put the link through the back of the eye and wrap three times around the top of the hook. Wrap six times underneath the hair and feed back through the eye. When tied correctly the hook will sit at 45 degrees. At the other end put a swivel onto the loop.

When casting, secure the hair to the hook with PVA tape or string. This rig is really beneficial when used with stringers or a PVA stocking bag.

Components Needed

  • Entity 14"
  • Out Turn Eye Hook Slightly Straightened
  • PVA Tape