Step 1:

Make a loop in the line and give it 20 complete twists.

Step 2:

Sit down and put the loop around your knees applying outward pressure to hold in position. Pull the two ends upwards to draw the twists tight.

Step 3:

Still holding the long end under tension and slightly to one side as in Step 2, move the tag end so it is at right angles. Slightly ease off the tension and allow the tag end to begin to wrap itself downwards over the twisted section.

Step 4:

Let the tag end continue to spiral down over the existing twist until it reaches the bottom of the twisted section.

Step 5:

Make a half hitch round one of the strands of the loop and pull tight.

Step 6:

Make a further half hitch with the tag end round both strands of the loop, but this time, before pulling tight make another two turns around both strands of the loop and then put the tag end through the gap in the untightened half hitch.

Step 7:

Draw the whole knot tight remembering to lubricate it while doing so. Trim the excess from the tag end.

This knot is the most difficult knot to tie but it is easy to learn. Ask any committed sea angler and this is the one knot they always use. A well tied Bimini Twist is the strongest loop of all, and will give 100% knot strength.