Step 1:

Double over the end of your line to the desired length.

Step 2:

Make a smaller loop at the base of the bigger one at the point where you want the knot to be.

Step 3:

Firmly hold this loop with thumb and forefinger. Allow the thumb to extend above the finger sufficiently so you can wind the line around it in the next step.

Step 4:

Wind the doubled line around the thumb and the loop 5 times.

Step 5:

Pass the rest of the long loop through the small loop and pull gently to unwind the turns off the thumb.

Step 6:

Draw the knot down slowly and lubricate it before pulling tight.

Used to create a long double loop of line required by sea anglers. This has the advantage of being stronger. This can also be performed by the Bimini Twist but the Spider Hitch is a much simpler and almost as effective a knot. The double may be tied by means of Hitch with lines.


  • Making long loops
  • Double strength loops

Line Types