Step 1:

Take your thicker leader line and a lighter and gently warm the end so it melts into a blob. Do not overheat (allow to boil) as this will weaken the blob and cause the knot to fail.

Step 2:

You should end up with a firm and nicely rounded blob on the end of your line.

Step 3:

Now take the mainline and pass it over the leader. You will need between six and eight inches to complete the knot.

Step 4:

Make 5 turns around the shockleader.

Step 5:

Gently draw down the tag end and mainline to form the knot and moisten as you do so, making sure it.

Step 6:

Ensure the knot is firmly drawn down tight and then trim off the tag end to leave a couple of mm in case of any slippage in bedding down. A dot of superglue may be added if required for extra security.

This knot is one of the lesser known knots but becoming increasingly popular in beach fishing circles. It designed to join two lines of differing thickness as when you join a shockleader to a thinner mainline. It is essentially a grinner knot tied over a thicker line with a blob end and hence is also known sometimes as the Blob ended Grinner. By definition can be only used with mono.


  • Joining two lengths of line
  • Attaching Shockleader to Mainlines

Line Types

Mono only