Step 1:

Align your two lengths of line.

Step 2:

Form a loop with one tag end.

Step 3:

Follow the first loop with the other tag end to form a second loop.

Step 4:

Then pass the tag end and the complete length of the leader through the loop.

Step 5:

Repeat this twice as shown and the draw down gently after lubricating it using all four pieces of line to set the knot evenly and neatly.

Step 6:

Ensure the knot is firmly drawn down tight using equal pressure on all four pieces of line and then trim off the tag end to leave a couple of mm in case of any slippage in bedding down.

This knot is one of the best knots for joining two lengths of line together which can be of the same or differing diameter. An extremely reliable and efficient knot that has a breaking performance that is in excess of 90%. One of the lengths of line has to be short enough and without any tackle attached so it can pass completely through the loop you form. It is deceivingly simple, but very effective and useful. It is well worth remembering.


  • Joining two lengths of line
  • Joining line of different diameters
  • Attaching leaders

Line Types

Mono only