Step 1:

Take your line and double it back on itself to give you around a six inch double length.

Step 2:

Wind one line at least five times around the other.

Step 3:

Pass the tag end back under itself.

Step 4:

Repeat the process on the other side with the same number of turns.

Step 5:

Hold the first part between thumb and forefinger where shown. Then pass the tag end through the central loop in the opposite direction to the first tag end.

Step 6:

Now gently draw the knot down tight lubricating it before you do so. Trim off the tag ends (or leave one long if you want to use a dropper) Leave a couple of mm in case of any slippage in bedding down.

This knot is a very well known knot and one of those essential basic knots that will prove useful in a variety of situations. Use this knot to join two lengths of line together. It works most effectively when the lines concerned are a similar diameter. By leaving one of the tag end long you can also use this knot to make a dropper coming off a leader. Make sure that once you make enough turns on each side at least 5 to ensure it works effectively.


  • Joining two pieces of line of similar diameter
  • Making tapering leaders
  • Making droppers

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