Step 1:

Take your line and thread it through the eye of the hook or swivel.

Step 2:

Make a loop by retuning the tag end back over the mainline.

Step 3:

Now make five or six turns around the mainline and through the loop.

Step 4:

Bring the tag end out parallel with the mainline.

Step 5:

Moisten the knot and gently bring the turns down neatly.

Step 6:

Gently draw the knot down to the eye of the hook or swivel and trim the tag end.

This knot is a very well known and reliable knot and one of those essential basic knots that will prove useful in a wide variety of carp fishing situations. It is also known as the Uni-Knot. It is a very reliable knot and should be used if possible in preference to a half blood knot for attaching hooks, swivels and terminal tackle. It can be used on a wide range of line diameters. It maintains a high percentage of the lines strength and should be used for monofilament only. It is not recommended for braided lines. Make sure that once you make enough turns on each side at least 5 to ensure it works effectively.


  • Attaching eyed hooks
  • Attaching swivels
  • Attaching terminal tackle

Line Types