Ideally used for situations when natural bait presentation is not of greatest importance although it is not a rig designed for achieving great distances. This is one of the most commonly used and versatile rigs and is very simple to put together.


The rig is composed of a lead link which goes up to a crimp, bead, a small swivel then another bead and a crimp. Remember to leave some play between the two beads to allow the swivel to move freely. Please also remember to make sure the snood lengths are not longer than the distance between the two swivels as this may make them tangle. Moving up the line there is exactly the same set up again of crimp, bead, swivel, bead and then crimp; again making sure to allow some movement for the swivel, then a swivel at the top of the rig.


The body of the rig needs to be of a similar diameter to the Shockleader to account for any pressure placed on the rig during the cast e.g. 50lb rig body = up to 5 oz of lead.


Rig body swivel and rig body Enigma or Powerflex
4 x crimps
4 x beads micro or aero
2 x snood swivels
1 x lead link
2 x hooks and snood line - Memor-X