Probably the most commonly used rig across all shore fishing situations and can be used to target a range of species including cod, skate and bass.


The rig is composed of a lead link which goes up to a crimp, bead, a small swivel then another bead and a crimp, and then goes to a rig body swivel at the top. When tying the snood, the easiest way to do this is to slide a hook up the line and tie a hook onto the end. When you put your bait on wrap the line several times around the shank of the hook and nick it into the top of the bait. Once you have your bait loaded attach it to your bait clip on your lead and then the trace will be ready for casting.


The body of the rig needs to be of a similar diameter to the Shockleader to account for any pressure placed on the rig during the cast e.g. 50lb rig body = up to 5 oz of lead.


Rig body swivel and rig body Enigma or Powerflex
2 x crimps
2 x beads micro or aero
1 x snood swivels
1 x lead link
2 x hooks and snood line - Memor-X

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