(Pleuronectes Limanda)

Dab are a very common catch from around the British Isles and are caught nearly all year round. The fish tend to be a light brown and often have small, pale yellow spots across their backs with a white underside. Dab very rarely grow to over 1lb in weight whether caught from the shore or boat and most weigh only up to 8oz. Dab dislike rocky, uneven ground and tend to be found only on clean sand and mud beds. Dabs are often mistaken for small plaice and a sure way to spot the difference is to look at the lateral line on the top of the fish that runs from behind the head at the opening to the gills, On a Dab there is a distinctive curve behind the gill before it becomes straight again. On the Plaice, it is virtually straight, from the gill cover to the tail. Their diet is made up of small shrimp and crustaceans but they are not fussy feeders and will eat whatever they can find.

Where To Find Them

Dabs are mainly found in shallow waters all around the UK coast on sandy open beaches. The Norfolk and Suffolk coastlines are renowned for their superb dab fishing.

When To Find Them

March through to end of August.

Natural Food and Best Baits

Crabs, worms, fish fry and small molluscs.

Tips and Tactics

Due to the small mouth it is advisable to fish with small baits on small hooks as small as a size 6 short shank Aberdeen.

UK Records

Shore: 2lb 9oz 8drm

Boat: 2lb 12oz 4drm