(Belone Belone)

The garfish is a good sporting fish and is a distant relative of the flying-fish and will often leap clear from the water when hooked and tail walk across the surface in an effort to lose the hook. It resembles in a way miniature swordfish with its protruding, tooth-lined bill, but unfortunately rarely exceed 1.5 Ib in weight. Long and slim with a blue-green back and silvery underside, the garfish is often caught in mackerel shoals. Very common around the south-west shores of Britain during the summer months. Garfish are also known as the mackerel guard or mackerel guide due to the fact that where there are garfish present, mackerel are always close by.

Where To Find Them

Widespread but mainly found in the warmer waters of the southern and south-western coast of Britain, and are commonly found around pier and breakwaters. Garfish like to feed high up in the water, just below the surface.

When To Find Them

April through to October.

Natural Food and Best Baits

They are mainly surface feeders, feeding on small fry such as whitebait.

Tips and Tactics

The garfish is easy to catch can be caught from a pier using light float tackle. Fish with a light line of 6 Ib (2,72 kg) and use a small float with a thin strip of mackerel as bait. This will provide you with a sporting fight as the hooked garfish displays its acrobatic skills.

UK Records

Shore: 3lb 4oz

Boat: 3lb 9oz