There are three main species of lugworm that are of interest to the sea angler, the yellowtail, the black lug and the common lug. The yellowtail his so called because it emits a yellow liquid from its tail that will stain your hands. The yellowtail is preferred by many anglers as the most productive bait in the majority of situations. The black lugworm gets his name from its dark colour which is as a result of the mud which passes through its body when it is digging it burrow. The black lug also has the added advantage of being able to be frozen once you have taken out the guts. Then, once defrosted, the worm becomes more firm and rubbery and is deemed by many to be the ultimate winter cod bait. The common lug worm can be found on many beaches around the coast and make excellent bait for many different species, including cod and whiting, but cannot be frozen.

Use Lugworm for: Cod, whiting and the majority of smaller to medium size shore species. By far the most effective winter bait for cod and most other species.