There are four varieties are Ragworm, the king ragworm, the white ragworm, the harbour ragworm and the red ragworm. The king ragworm of the most widely used and most effective for the majority of species, and it can be bought fresh from most tackle shops. Keep your ragworm wrapped in newspaper and store in the fridge prior to use. Ragworm are not suitable for freezing so it is better to only purchase what you immediately need.

When baiting up the ragworm, the hook should be fed straight through the centre of the worm, and the head to be worked up over the eye of the hook and held in place with a bait stop. A piece of squid can be used to tip the hook and this is a very good the bait for plaice, flounders and other flatfish. Fine wire hooks like Aberdeens are the best for use with a Ragworm.

Use Ragworm for: Flat fish, place, flounders and smaller inshore species.