Sand eels are a great all round the bait and can be used either from frozen or purchase live from many tackle dealers. Live sand eels can quite easily be obtained in the southwest and many prefer to use live eels for species such as bass, pollack and rays, but good quality frozen eels are usually equally as effective. There are a number of ways to put the Sand eels on a hook. You can mount it whole on a single hook which some prefer for bass fishing but Ultima consultants recommend removing the head and tail of our better flow of the all important attractants, the blood and juices. Then threading on to the hook and securing with a bait stop and elastic bait cotton as Shane Russell demonstrates in the video here. Sandeels come in various different sizes and choose the correct size to suit your quarry.

Use sand eels to fish for: Bass, skate, dogfish, bull huss and also cut down and fished under a float for garfish, mackerel and pollack.